Lake Ouachita

Aerial View of Lake Ouachita at Buckville, by Daniel Valovich

Aerial View of Lake Ouachita at Buckville, by Daniel Valovich

Known for its scenic beauty, natural shoreline, and clear waters, Lake Ouachita is the largest lake located entirely within Arkansas’ state borders. Often quoted as having a surface area of over 40,000 acres, with 700 miles of undeveloped shoreline, and over 100 islands – at pool level.

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Following paved highways, it takes over two hours to drive the 100 mile route around Lake Ouachita. However, within that same area Lake Ouachita’s intricately meandering shoreline is over 700 miles long – equal to the straight line distance from Little Rock, Arkansas to Jacksonville, Florida!

Visitors to Lake Ouachita can return time and again and not run out of places to explore!

Lake Ouachita’s extensive and varied shoreline of is a result of the manner in which the lake was created. Formerly part of the Ouachita River basin, the lake was created in the 1950’s through the construction of the Blakely Mountain Dam by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

For a man-made lake, Lake Ouachita feels incredibly natural due to it’s protected location within the Ouachita National Forest. The lake is well stocked with game fish and attracts a variety of wildlife.

Well known as a fisherman’s paradise, Lake Ouachita is also paddler’s dream! The variations in her extraordinarily long shoreline allow for seemingly endless exploration and provide opportunities for paddlers of all experience levels to have fun, adventure, exercise, and improve their kayaking skills.

Lake Ouachita’s size not only provides plenty of room for the lake’s many visitors to enjoy themselves without crowding each other, it also allows for the wind to pick up speed as it sweeps across the lake’s surface which can create waves and rough water sometimes nearing open water conditions. Paddlers take note, before venturing far from the shoreline, be sure to be prepared with a kayak skirt to keep waves from swamping your boat, a hand powered bilge pump, and always wear your PFD!

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