“The Paddle Junkie”, by Jim Miller

Ouachita High County Cover Spring 2015

Ouachita High County, Cover, Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 issue of Ouachita High Country magazine featured a sunrise over Lake Ouachita kayaking scene on with Lisa Logan on the cover!

Shooting the cover photo with Jeremy Rodgers Photography involved a real pre-dawn paddle on Lake Ouachita! Good thing that hot pot of coffee was more than just a photo prop!

The story inside, “The Paddle Junkie”, by Jim G. Miller, (page 10) highlights aspects of Logan’s 2014 circumnavigation of Lake Ouachita by kayak and subsequent purchase of Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters‘ kayak tour equipment in preparation for the launch of Ouachita Kayak Tours.

“Logan is now an experienced navigator of one of the most unique and pristine lakes in the United States…”, says Miller.

Read the Full Story online!

The Paddle Junkie, by Jim MIller, Ouachita High Country

The Paddle Junkie, by Jim MIller, Ouachita High Country


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