Mountain Bike Rentals

Ouachita Kayak Tours to offer Mountain Bike Rentals


Local kayak tour provider Lisa Logan, of Ouachita Kayak Tours, has observed a high level of cross over between bikers, hikers, and kayakers in her 3 years guiding tours on Lake Ouachita. Outdoor enthusiasts generally like to explore and while they may have preferred mode of exploration are often eager to branch out try new things. Lake Ouachita and the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) offer explorers an opportunity to pedal and paddle in one trip and soon so will Ouachita Kayak Tours.

Logan is working closely with local Hot Springs bicycle retailer Spa City Cycling to expand her kayak tour business offerings and bring mountain bike tours and rentals to Mount Ida, Arkansas. Keeping the focus local, the fleet of hardtail mountain bikes selected is manufactured in Arkansas by Orbea USA.

In addition to offering tour packages, Logan wants to address the needs of the mountain biker who happens to be passing through and didn’t know about the 3 IMBA Epics trails here in Montgomery County and wants to ride while in town, or those who want to invite a friend out on the trail but don’t have an extra bike. Logan said, “If you’re a mountain biker and you didn’t bring your bike we’ve got you covered.”

Working with Spa City Cycling, Logan says, has the added benefit of letting customers “ride it here” and “buy it there”. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, says Logan. Stay tuned for updates!

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