Kayak Tours

Sunset Tour at Lake Ouachita State Park with visitors from Texas

Sunset Tour with guests from Texas

Ouachita Kayak Tours offers guided kayak tours on Lake Ouachita.

Half-day & full day tours are available for individuals, couples, and groups.

Tours depart from multiple launch points (see map), including our three most popular locations:

No prior kayaking experience is necessary. Safety and instructional training are provide at the beginning of each tour as needed.

Advanced reservations are required!

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Lake Ouachita at Buckville, Photo by Daniel Valovich

Lake Ouachita at Buckville, Photo by Daniel Valovich

Buckville Islands

An ideal location for a day of kayaking fun in the sun! Many small islands dot the shoreline offering an easily accessible and safe place to island hop, away from heavy motor boat traffic. Spend the day exploring, swimming and snorkeling, hanging out in a hammock and taking in wide sweeping views of the open lake. When you look out toward the main body of the lake from an island at Buckville, the rest of the word slips away. As the horizon line disappears in faded images of islands, water, and soft old mountain tops you’ll find yourself on an island paradise.

Directions: Buckville is located approximately 25 miles West of Hot Springs Village on Lake Ouachita’s North shore. Take Hwy 7 North to 298 W to Buckville Road South, then follow the signs to Buckville Use Area.


Bluffs on the Ouachita River at Hwy 27

Bluffs on the Ouachita River at Hwy 27

Highway 27 Fishing Village

There are two options for this tour: either up the slow moving Ouachita River to the White Bluff or a relaxing paddle on Lake Ouachita. Either way usually provides opportunities to see numerous waterfowl and an eagle or two.

Directions: Highway 27 Fishing Village is located between Mount Ida and Story, just off Highway 27, where the Ouachita River meets Lake Ouachita.



Twin Creek Recreation Area

Twin Creek Recreation Area

Twin Creeks

On the south side of the lake another great location for kayaking is the Twin Creek Recreation Area. Several small creeks and the south branch of the Ouachita River flow into this area and always provide good wildlife viewing opportunities. At Twin Creeks, we can head right out of the boat ramp to get to Denby Bay where the LOViT (Lake Ouachita Vista Trail) begins. Here you are likely to see deer and wading birds. Eagle sightings are fairly common here as well. The campground is nice and has a covered fishing pavilion.